n. any plant of the genus Salicornia or Salsola formerly burnt for use in glass-making.

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, (Salicornia herbacea)

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  • Glasswort — Glass wort , n. (Bot.) A seashore plant of the Spinach family ({Salicornia herbacea}), with succulent jointed stems; also, a prickly plant of the same family ({Salsola Kali}), both formerly burned for the sake of the ashes, which yield soda for… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • glasswort — [glas′wʉrt΄] n. [ GLASS + WORT2] any of several fleshy plants (genera Salicornia and Salsola) of the goosefoot family, often found in saline coastal or desert areas: the ash is called barilla and formerly was used in making soap and glass …   English World dictionary

  • Glasswort — The common name Glasswort came into use in the 16th Century to describe plants growing in England whose ashes could be used for making soda based (as opposed to potash based) glass. [ Definition of glasswort , Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd… …   Wikipedia

  • glasswort — /glas werrt , wawrt , glahs /, n. any of several plants of the genus Salicornia, of the goosefoot family, having succulent stems with rudimentary leaves, formerly used, when burned to ashes, as a source of soda for glassmaking. Also called… …   Universalium

  • glasswort — /ˈglaswɜt/ (say glahswert) noun 1. any of the herbs with succulent leafless stems constituting the genus Salicornia and related plants, and formerly much used (when burnt to ashes) as a source of soda for glassmaking. 2. the saltwort, Salsola… …   Australian English dictionary

  • glasswort — noun Etymology: from its former use in the manufacture of glass Date: 1597 any of a genus (Salicornia) of woody jointed succulent herbs of the goosefoot family with leaves reduced to fleshy sheaths called also pickleweed …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • glasswort — noun a) The plant of the genus Salicornia, once burned to produce the ash used to make soda glass. b) Any of the edible plants called samphire …   Wiktionary

  • glasswort — noun a salt marsh plant with fleshy scale like leaves, formerly burnt for use in glass making. [Genus Salicornia: several species.] …   English new terms dictionary

  • glasswort — n. Saltwort, marsh samphire (Salicornia herbacea) …   New dictionary of synonyms

  • glasswort — glass•wort [[t]ˈglæsˌwɜrt, ˌwɔrt, ˈglɑs [/t]] n. pln any of several plants of the goosefoot family, having succulent stems with rudimentary leaves, formerly used in glassmaking Also called samphire • Etymology: 1590–1600 …   From formal English to slang

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